business, start-up or private customer - I will deliver websites tailored to your needs

Responsive Design

All content will be adjusted to all screen sizes and displayed without cropping, whether you're using PC, tablet or mobile devices.


A clear intuitive navigation and structured content will greatly increase the user experience on your website.


Content-Management-Systems allow you to easily manage and create new content on your own.

my workflow

01 planning & consulting

Knowing the goal of our journey and the steps necessary to reach it help us to stay efficient and focused. As such, I fully dedicate the first step to getting to know you and the scope of your project. Whether it's private, commercial, non-profit or eco-hosting - there is a solution for every occasion.

02 sitemap & Wireframing

In the second step we determine the content and structure of your website and create a sitemap and a wireframe to visually represent how content, features and structure are going to interrelate.

03 design & prototyping

After the content and structure are clear I will work on turning the wireframe draft into a high-resolution format and create a prototype website with all the features that will be included in the final version.

04 Testing & review

In order to ensure everything works you will receive protected access to the website to test and review the content and make any necessary changes for the final launch.

05 launch

Once everything works we come to the final step of planning your site launch. This includes timing and communicating your launch and planning how to let your clients know.

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My role


Thaithuna Gästehaus
Consulting & Design
May 2020
This business asked me help them transition from their old website ensuring all their content remained while updating the appearance to a modern and responsive design. Usability was the key concern as they required a familiar style of navigation for their regular customers on desktop and mobile platforms.
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My role


Portfolio Rumpf
Full Design
May 2020
This website is a portfolio for a client working in digital construction and architecture visualization. As such the website was developed and designed as a one-page to give the viewer a quick overview of all the client's skills, strengths and past projects.
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about me

Aung Kyaw Pyu - web designer based in Kassel, HE - Germany

What Is My Design Philosophy?

A clear presentation combined with an intuitive navigation can turn a simple visit on your website into a refreshing experience and make it stand out from your competition.

Creating a unique experience through functionality and elegant simplicity is the driving force of my design and is reflected in clear structured content, modern minimalitic visuals and intuitive precise Navigation.

What Is My Experience?

I started as a back-end worker in website maintenance in 2015, restoring websites back to functionality after crashes, bugs or other issues and helping businesses back to a successful online presence.

Since then I have created various websites on different platforms, such as Joomla, Wordpress or Webflow combining functionality and user-friendliness with a clear intuitive visual design.

Why Work With Me?

Whether you need a website for a fresh start-up, a company or as an individual client, I take it as a personal goal to create a unique and professional web presence to grow your business and help you reach your clients.

Creativity and technical understanding are key to my work. I plan, design and develop your website while offering you consultation regarding all the aspects of your online presence in a harmonious team work.

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